Ms. Olsen has practiced law since 1992. During her law school education and throughout career she knew, if it is not about people, she is not interested. Everything about people interests Ms. Olsen from the simple details of living to the most profound. She began her law career in a skyscraper in downtown Miami representing corporate interests. Within a VERY short time, Pam knew that side of the things in the world was not for her. Pam always loved all things medical and psychological. Her next job in law honed her interest in the more human aspects of law to insurance disputes and she represented most all of the big insurance companies.While those 5 years were a wonderful training ground, Pam knew that representing the injured and the people who felt powerless against big corporate interests was the only way she could continue in the legal field. Ms. Olsen has been practicing personal injury law for the last 20 years!

Pam began her career representing the injured by working within a large law firm. She grew to love meeting such an amazing variety of people but often felt that there was so much more Pam could do for her clients if she had the advantage of more time with them. In 2004, Ms. Olsen obtained her Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling. All of these experiences led Pam Olsen to have a very strong feeling that there was an even better way to practice law and represent the rights of the injured. Pam knew clients deserved more time from their attorney, more compassion, and an attorney who truly understood and was interested in the medical and psychological issues they faced.

Ms. Olsen left a large law firm and established her own Ocala personal injury practice in June of 2012. She believes that much about her practice, including a unique office space immediately puts each client at ease. She has the background, experience, time and interest to do an excellent job for each and every single client. EVERY client deserves the MOST an attorney can give to them!

Ms. Olsen thinks her clients feel they are getting more than 100% from her as she is constantly told everything about herself and the way Pam does things is unlike other attorneys. A client will feel the difference as Pam Olsen gets to know each and everyone in the most personal manner each client feels comfortable with. She often knows the stories of their lives, and nothing is a greater honor and privilege to her. Pam Olsen knows her practice affords her the ability to make a difference in each and every life that she touches and Pam accepts nothing less than excellence from herself in the representation of each client.

Her mantra to each client is that it is YOUR body, YOUR time, and YOUR money. Legal representation is NOT about a lawyer’s interests, as it often appears to be the case as Ms. Olsen watches the advertisements and media generated by many within the profession. Pam Olsen would like her clients to experience the most refreshing and caring aspect of legal representation that comes from a lawyer with a great attitude, a truly caring heart, a sharp mind, and a bold manner of empowering each individual both inside and outside the courtroom.